Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July, What a busy month!

I have no real excuse for not blogging.  I have been really busy with vacationing in Abbeville, Louisiana with my friend Sharon, Vacation Bible School, and working the lab on Wednesday and Thursday.  I have been trying to clean my house of all the clutter.  But it seems to get worse instead of better.  Well, let me be more specific.  My bedroom and bathroom have been cleared of clutter.  These rooms are comfortable and organized.  There is very little "stuff" sitting on the counters and nothing extra on the floors.  My office is completely empty waiting on getting rid of the desk.  Well, all the stuff from my office is in my kitchen, which looks like a cyclone hit it.  I hope to have everything organized before I go back to work on the 8th of August.  We shall see.

As for last week,  I didn't complete any new projects.  I did, however, finish a few old projects.  I got my sister Jennifer to come over and show me how to make pillows.  I have several small projects that would look good as pillows.  The pillows are actually a little larger than I planned but they are cute.  I finished 4 of the 8 that I have (see below).  A couple of them I finished as ornaments.

Lizzie Kate - Flip It Blocks - January

Rainbow Gallery Freebie - England, Ireland, & Scotland Blackwoork

I don't remember.  I finished it in 2006

Raise the Roof - Wise Old Owl
Next week is "camp" week.  I hope to have a lot of things to post then.  This week is preparing for camp.  I plan on bringing 7 new cross stitches, the Halloween Pudgy Needlepoint that I have had for at  least 10 years, and several amigurumi characters that have been crocheted but not put together.  I am very excited about the trip.

Well I am off to choose what to bring.  Thanks for stopping by


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