Sunday, May 07, 2017

Stitch Mania - 17 new projects in the month of May

Yeah, I know it is suppose to be 1 new project per day for the month of May.  And, yes, I have enough projects to start a new one each day for about a year or two.  But, I wanted to do it differently.  So I started a project on the 1st of May, then even days throughout the month of May, and finally on the 31st.  This will be 17 new starts.

 My first new start was Owlet - Tango from Mill Hill Beads.  What you see in the picture I stitched in a couple of hours.  The stitching is pretty quick but I haven't started putting on the beads.

My second start was the Autumn Biscornu by Barbara Ana.  I love the little squirrels.  I love Barbara Ana's biscornus; I have stitched several.

 My third start was Doodles for leftover's - Holiday Sprinkles.  It is a small but simple pattern designed around a clay button. All that I have stitched is the border but I'm going to work on it this week.

Got to go.  Thanks for stopping by.

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