Saturday, September 08, 2007

Finished Projects

Well, I finally finished the projects I stitched last week. Well to be honest, my sister, Jennifer, and my mother, Trecie, finished them for me. Jennifer finished the spooky patch while my mother finished the other two.

The LK Spooky Patch was finished as a small ornament (about 2 inches by 2 inches). We used a spider web fabric for the backing.

The LK Spooky Time was finished as a pillow. It was the easiest to finish. We used a ghostly, batty fabric to finish it.

The one that was the most difficult was the Rainbow Gallery October's "Corn Treats" bag. My mother did a wonderful job. We used white ribbon for the photo but I will be replacing the ribbon with either black or orange.

I have been inspired to start finishing my stitching projects. Let's hope that I will follow through because I have many stitched projects waiting to be finished.

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Jen said...

Cute!!! Mom did a great job on the bag.