Sunday, September 16, 2007


Well, after years of wondering I decide to try knitting. I started May 2006. The first thing I attempted was a scarf which my cat, Midnight, promptly pulled off the needles. I waited a month and then knitted a baby blanket for my nephew Tucker's 1st birthday. He loved it and uses it quite often. Then my nephew Theron decided he liked it and kept trying to take it. So, I decided to knit the same blanket for his 4th birthday. Well today is his birthday and I am halfway through. But the thing that I realized while working on his blanket is: I don't really like to knit. So, I gave my brother Pete's friend Katie all my knitting stuff. (There really isn't much there). I've decided to finish Theron's blanket then return to crocheting instead.

There is not many things in the world of crafting that I don't like, but I know that knitting is one of them. Well, I will post a picture of Tucker's and Theron's blankets when I finish Theron's.

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