Saturday, October 06, 2007

Stitching Retreat (Day 2)

Friday and today, I had fun stitching and shopping. I spent my shopping allowance in one trip. But, I bought the Raise the Roof "Turkey Dressing" clothesline and threads, Trilogy Harvest Stack kit to match the Boo I did, and a Bent Creek to do for an exchange. I finished
  • my Halloween ornament for my exchange,
  • worked on my Christmas fairy,
  • finished the word sunshine on the "scatter sunshine",
  • worked until I ran out of beads on the beaded purse,
  • and stitched on the dreaded penguin stocking.
I have 3 penguins half finished and two to go. I can't wait until tomorrow to continue stitching. I will post pictures of the things I have worked on this weekend to show completion or progress. Check back tomorrow evening late to see what I done.

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