Monday, November 26, 2007

Two Red Thread Blocks Finished

I finished the March pattern, Fly a Kite, on Jennifer's Round Robin. She is using the specialty threads on Purely Primitive Fabric from Silkweaver. She wasn't happy with me over the Thanksgiving holidays because I left the pattern and fabric at work in my desk. So you ask, why didn't you just go get it? The answer: it is a 1-hour drive (one way) to my work. So she'll have to wait until tomorrow to get her stuff (since I just finished hers).

Mine on the other hand was with Mari. So, I got to work on it over the holidays. Well really I only worked on it yesterday (Sunday) and today. At first, I didn't like the two pink colors that make up the main kite in Fly a Kite. Therefore, I changed it to a color that was contrasting enough not to clash. Besides, I lived in Louisiana long enough that the first thought to go with purple is yellow (gold). It didn't take long to change the color.

Next, I worked on the April pattern, Smell the Flowers. I would have been finished with it last night but I couldn't find the green to do the last leaf. Well genius me knocked it of the end table into the trash can. I found it tonight after having my Mom and sister Jennifer turn their living rooms upside down looking for the thread. I think it turned out cute. My French/colonial knots aren't so bad either.

Well, now I need to work on another Seasons Square, the round robin that is due out on the 3rd of December (which won't be finished) and an ornament that needs to be completed for Saturday. My former EGA group, Stitching Magnolias, is having its Christmas party on Saturday in Lafayette and I'm planning on going. I need the ornament for the ornament exchange. I'll post it when I finish it.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Jen said...

Your Red Thread pieces are so cute. I think you did a great job on my piece too.