Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mario, Autumn, & a Scottie

 So in the last week I have finally finished one of my many projects that is on my list for this year (and last).  I've been avoiding doing the crocheted Mario (Pattern by Linda Potts) for my nephew Tucker because there were so many parts.  Well, I haven't finished it completely.  I need to add the eyes and buttons.  So here is a picture of the Mario.  He turned out really cute.  Now I have to make one for Patrick and WaLuigi for Tyler.
Crocheted Mario

Tucker with his Mario

Mario chasing the Mushrooms on Tucker's Wall
 Another finish this week was the Lizzie Kate's Autumn ABC's Snippet.  The pumpkin was stitched using specialty thread.  Now I need to finish the Winter ABC's Snippet.
 I finished this one Friday.  It is a JBW Designs named Scottie Dog designed by Judy Whitman.  I stitched it on white linen using DMC Black.  Jennifer and I are going to make it into a pillow for my friend Sharon Vercher.
This month Jennifer, Bridget, and I are going to a stitching retreat in Oklahoma.  I can't wait to go.  I really don't know what all I am going to take with me.  I'm going to take my Lavender Myst, Tiramisu, Celtic Mystery Stitch-a-long, and maybe some new projects.  I am getting very excited.

Right now I am working on TWO Yoshi's.  One is for Tucker and one is for Michelle.  Then Tyler asked for a WaLuigi.  I have a Luigi pattern by Linda Potts but I will have to change the colors to make a WaLuigi.

Well got to go eat supper.  Thanks for stopping by my blog.  I hope you enjoyed reading it.


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