Saturday, January 04, 2014

2013 in Review

Well I didn't think that I accomplished that much last year.  In actuality, I didn't accomplish all that I had planned to complete, but I did do more than I thought.  So here we go.  I will break them up as Crochet and Cross-Stitch Projects:

Cross-Stitch Projects:
- Lizzie Kate's ABC Snippets (all 4 seasons)
- Scottie Dog for Vercher
- Treasure Map (Wild West) for Mari
- Lavender Myst (all but the cut work which my friend Teresa is doing)

Crochet Projects:
- Mari's Afghan
- Bunnies (1 for church sale, 1 for my mom)
- Mario for Tucker
-A herd of  Hippos (rainbow colored; yellow, blue & green; pink, blue & white; large fuzzy yellow, large fuzzy pink; pink; blue)
- A pride of lions (2 regular, 1 with green ears, and a little pink one)
- 2 yoshi's
- A flock of elephants (1 fuzzy orange, 1 fuzzy yellow, pink, blue)
- 2 chuthulus
- 1 Amazon girl
- 1 Ninja (repair)
- 1 grim reaper

Before the new year, I spent the week between Christmas and New Year cleaning (like spring cleaning) my house.  Every started project that I found I wrote down on a list.  Then my sister Bridget and I were talking about unfinished projects.  She gave me an idea.  I wrote each project down on a slip of paper and put them in a jar.  The idea is that I pull out a slip of paper and complete the project on the slip of paper.  My brother-in-law Tim joked about what do you do if you choose the project you don't want to do.  I told him they were all projects that I don't want to do otherwise they would be complete.  So the list of projects is in the column on the right.  The first slip that I pulled was complete the leaf shaped scrubbers that started the whole amigurumi craze.

My goal this year is to do a better job of posting on my blog.  I plan on posting once a week.  I hope to post progress on the projects.  Right now when I finish this I am going to work on the scrubbers and the Summer Snapperville that I have been working on recently.

Well, thanks for stopping by.  As I said, see you next week.  I'm off to stitch and crochet.



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