Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 4 Progress

made with Red Heart Yarn
Pattern by WolfDreamer
Welcome back.  Here is what I did last week.  First up is the return to Mario.  I left Mario (without eyes) on my nephew's bed.  He was helping his mom in the yard.  Well I finally bought the eyes and put them on the Mario.  I love the end results but he is a lot of work (not as much as Yoshi).  Even though my nephew is a teenager, I think he really liked the Mario.  Maybe he can use it in one of his movies. Or maybe it will just sit on the shelf.  Either way, I think he liked it.  If anyone is interested in making the Mario, here is the website I used. She has many more cartoon amigurumi patterns for free.

Leprechaun & Duck
Red Heart Yarn
Pattern by Leisure Art
The next project that was pulled was the Holiday Stick ups.  I spent two days cutting out the pieces from the plastic canvas.  I now remember why they were put away.  I ended up having to ask my sister Bridget to cut out the last two characters because I had wasted two plastic canvases.  Sometimes I am so smart.  I left the pattern book with her to do the cutout.  So where does the "smart" come in?  When I sat down at my house to work on my leprechaun and realized that I didn't have a pattern to follow.  Thank goodness for technology.  In the past I would have had to wait until I saw her again to get the pattern.  Instead, I had her send a text with the pattern in it.  I finished the leprechaun pieces on Saturday.  On Sunday Jennifer had our monthly stitching group at her house where I put together the leprechaun and started the Easter duck.  While there I had an idea.  The Leisure Art book does not have a 4th of July pattern.  So I asked Bridget to cut out two bodies of the leprechaun but make the hat a top hat.  I'm going to try to make one of my own.  I will post a picture when I finish it. 

Oh yeah, today we are out of school for snow (which is sleet right now).  So I hope to finish the duck and the bunny today.   I have to finish the feet and bill and one wing on the duck.

Tilted Square
Amethyst by Red Heart
pattern by unknown

As you know I have been crocheting granny squares at bowling.  The granny squares are for Michelle's afghan.  Well I have completed two of the nine different squares I am going to do.  I am crocheting 7 of each of them.  The first one that I completed was the Tilted Square.  I using a K hook and purple yarn for all the squares.  The second square is called Pretty Pebbles Square.  As usual, I actually had to re-crochet 1/2 of several of these squares.  The pattern has a single crochet row, every other row.  If you put two single crochet rows together (which is what I did) the bubbled areas switch to the other side.  Next I was planning on working Wednesday on the next pattern but with this snow we may not bowl.  I guess I will crochet on the 3rd pattern at home.
Pretty Pebbles Square
yarn is Amethyst by Red Heart
pattern by Melissa R. Majewski
Well I am going to go curl up the with cats on the couch, work on my Holiday Stick Ups, and watch The Librarian: Quest for the Spear and The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines.  Thanks for stopping by.  Keep warm


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