Monday, January 20, 2014

Bent Creek's Summer Snapperland Complete!

I really enjoy cross-stitching patterns like Bent Creek Summer Snapperland.  The patterns contain a theme and are easy to stitch.  I have stitched several series like this one.  I have completed Bent Creek's Red Thread Series, the winter snapperland and Snapperville.  I generally use hand-dyed fabric but regular DMC floss.  Sometimes I use the recommended specialty thread, if there is a large piece to cross stitch.

As for my project, I pulled out the parts of Mario that I have started.  I had completed both hands and the mustache.  I had part of the hat, part of the head, and part of the body started.  On Tuesday, I started working on Mario.  I thought about taking it to bowling because last week at bowling, when I crocheted I bowled well (134) for me.  When I was playing games on my cellphone, I did horribly (90).  I didn't take him though, rather I crocheted squares for Michelle's afghan.  I finished crocheting all of the pieces on Saturday and started putting Mario together.  I lost the mustache and his hair.  After I attached the newly crocheted mustache, I found the old one in the trash.  How it got there I do not know.  I still haven't found the hair.

So here is the almost finished version.  I need to attach the eyes.  But I need to buy some at Hobby Lobby.   Look at him, he turned out cute!  Tomorrow I will get some eyes for him, then completely finish him.  I left him for Patrick at MawMaw's.

The next cross stitch project that I am going to work on is the Ink Circles Celtic Mystery Stitch-a-long from 2008- 2009.  I really like this series, the bold and bright colors.  The geometric shapes.  It appeals to the mathematician in me.  I don't know why it has taken me so long to finish it, but this year is the year.  I will spend an hour each day working on this and the rest of the evening on the next project from the box.  I hope to finish it soon.   Here is a picture of what I have completed so far.

Once I finished Mario, I pulled out another project from the box.  I am to complete the Holiday Stick-Ups.  They are plastic canvas holiday characters.  There are 8 characters: Love Bug, Leprechaun, Easter Duck, Easter Bunny, Witch, Turkey, Reindeer,& Santa.  I have completed the Love Bug, Witch, and Turkey already.  Today I have been cutting out the pieces for the rest of the characters while playing Wii U Mario with Theron and Skylander Swap Force with Leif.  I hope to finish them this week (Week #4).  These are fun to stitch since you only have to do half cross-stitches.  To the left is a picture of one of the characters I have completed.

Well got to go.  I need to go to play Skylander Swap Force with Leif.  He is getting between me and the computer to talk.  Thanks for stopping by.


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Jen said...

That Love Bug is too cute! You are working like gangbusters on these projects!