Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week #1 - 2 Completed projects

Liz's scrubbie on booklet
Welcome.  Here are the first projects that I have completed this year.  First up are the leaf -shaped scrubbies that started my amigurumi obsession of last year.  The pattern comes from Lily's Sugar'n Cream Eco-Kitchen booklet from 2009.  I crocheted 7 of these scrubbies (1 for my mom, 1 for my friend/cousin Liz, 1 for each sister, 1 for each sister-in-law and 1 for me.)  They turned out cute.  I didn't put the veins on the leaves because I thought that it wouldn't last long if the girls actually used them.  I had some yarn left over, so I crocheted an acorn-shaped dishcloth.  Well of course I ran out of yarn before I finished the dishcloth.  But, it looked like an acorn so I just tied off and tucked the ends.
Three scrubbies for Mom, Katie, and me

The acorn-shaped dishcloth

Tyler in his new hat
Week 2,  I pulled Tyler's hat.  During Christmas holidays I was working on an elephant for my cousin Pam's granddaughter.  Well Tyler put it on his head; it looked like a hat.  Bridget saw him and asked me to crochet Tyler a hat.  She bought the orange yarn and I crocheted him the hat. I really don't like this yarn because it sticks to your skin (especially if it is dry).  But it is a warm yarn.

Side view of the hat
Tucker in his hat

Then on the way home the night I gave Tyler his hat, Tucker tried it on.  Guess what?   You guessed it,  Tucker wanted a hat also.  Thursday evening Bridget gave me the yarn.  I dropped the hat off to Tim (her husband) at work on Friday.  Both hats are really cute and warm,

So, last night I pulled the next slip of paper.  It is crochet Mario for Patrick.  Most of these projects are already started or I have the supplies for them.  Well this one I have already crocheted Mario's head and arms.  Basically, I have the body and feet left to crochet then put it together.  I hope to finish it next week.

While doing all of this crocheting, I am working on a cross stitch project.  It is Bent Creek's Summer Snapperland.  I love these patterns they are quick and simple.  I should have finished it last year but I got sidetracked.  I have the sailor and the boat to finish on the 3rd pattern and 1/2 of the forth pattern and the border (plus the buttons and snaps).  But I hope to finish it in January.

Well, I need to finish cleaning the house before I can sit down and stitch while I catch up on Supernatural.  Thanks for stopping by.


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Jen said...

Cute hats, Sharon! You have been very busy. Obviously, the jar of WIPS is working for you. Don't forget stitching at my house on the 26th.