Friday, February 10, 2017

Couch Potato Weekend

Well this weekend was a bust.  Friday my cousin, Liz, and I went to town.  This is our usual Friday extravaganza.  We went to eat at the Shrimp Basket.  Great fried crawfish tails, yum.  Then we went shopping,  :( mostly at Walmart.  Saturday I was going to clean my office/craft room but I cleaned my DVR instead.  I watched all of my favorite TV shows NCIS, NCIS:LA, NCIS:NO, MacGyver, Hawaii Five-O, Criminal Minds, and Dr. Who.  I wasn't too far behind in my shows but I was such a couch potato.  I couldn't make myself stitch, sew, or crochet.  But, it felt good to do nothing.

On Sunday, Jennifer, Bridget, and I discussed what we are bring to the Orange Beach, AL, stitching retreat.  I am bringing:
*Tre civette sul comò by Madame Chantilly
*Pretty Kitty by Jannlyn
*Three Sisters by Staci Nash
*Robin Hood by LHN
*Tuffet's Cupboard by JABC
*A Friend's house by Sisters and Best Friends
*Line Up: Boy by Trilogy

I am not bringing "Our Lady of the Flag".

After this I went home and finished the Treasure Within bookmark as shown below.

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