Thursday, February 02, 2017

Star Wars Weekend

For Christmas, my brother Ricky gave me the Star Wars Movies 1 - 6; I already had 7.  So this weekend I decided to have a Star Wars weekend.  My nephew, Leif, spent Friday night at my house.  We got up the next morning and started watching the movies.  I crocheted on the sunflower squares for the afghan while we watched.  He made pod racers with Legos.  He made it through 3-1/2 movies before he couldn't do it anymore.  Thank goodness my nephew Tyler (they are the same age - 7) came over.  They went outside to play in the sand with their pod racers while I finished the movies.  In the two days (Saturday and Sunday), I completed all of the sunflower squares, 24 total.  Now I need to crochet them together.  I now know why the kit was on sale when I bought it.  The sunflower squares are 22 stitches across and the blue and white striped are 24 stitches across.  Monday I tried to crochet them together but I got discouraged.  My mom told me to do a decreasing stitch when I put them together to make the work.  They are the same size squares but not the same number of stitches.

I also worked on my punch needle.  When I finish all the ones I have, I will not buy anymore punch needles.  Actually I only bought 2.  My sister-in-law Mari bought the Christmas ornaments.  But, she decided that she didn't like it.  Well, I am the stitching & craft hoarder in my family.  If anyone wants to get rid of something, I take it.  That is why my craft room is busting at the seams.  So, I will finish the punch needles that I have, give them as gifts and then I'm done.

Happy Groundhog Day.


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