Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 Goals

I don't do resolutions each year, instead I make a list of goals to be accomplished each year. My sister Jennifer said I had to post my goals for 2008. So, here I go. My motto for this year is "Get It Done". I have several projects that have been sitting around waiting to finish. For example, I started a project at least 3 years ago called Lavender Myst that I haven't stitched on in at least a year. I am behind in stitching on my Geometric Series from Fireside stitchery and the Halloween Pudgy. I have two projects that I have to stitch for Moma and Mari, my sister-in-law. I have signed up for 4 GCC's through EGA (three of which are now active). Finally, I have the round robins that I am stitching on.

I also decided that I needed to go through my stash (which is very large) and stitch on things that I have bought before I start buying new things. I have the Mirabillia Rose of Sharon that I bought when I first moved to Lafayette, LA in 1992 still not stitched. So, as soon as I finish the next "big" project (my mother's), I will start on it.

In other areas of my life, I plan on finishing things.
1. Remodeling my home
2. Finishing my Ph.D. (or receiving a degree this semester)
3. Find a permanent job (or win the lottery ;-) )
4. Lose a dress size.

Hope that I have inspired you to look at and document your goals. Thanks for stopping by.


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Jen said...

Sounds like a very full year of stitching. Get to work, lady!!