Saturday, January 12, 2008

What a week!

I continued working on finishing. I started back on the blanket that I was knitting for my nephew, Theron. I started it because he and Tucker were fighting on the blanket I made for Tuck when he was 1. It turned out great but I learned not to use variegated yarn when you are working with two skeins. They never match up. But, this turned out okay. I got the pattern from the "I Taught Myself to Knit" book that I bought at Walmart a couple of years ago. It was an easy pattern to knit. There wasn't a lot of counting needed like I have to do with crochet. But I love crocheting more. This pattern has about 5 skeins of yarn in it . You knit it using two skeins, so I started with six skeins but only used half of t he last two. Since there was so much left over, my mother is going to make him some footies out of the left over yarn to match his blanket.

On another note we had very bad weather on Thursday. So bad that we decided to go stay at my house because it was sturdier than my mom and dad's place. Of course, the babies loved it because it was a new set of toys to play with. We got very strong winds and hail. (A tornado touched down in a nearby area). So, I decided to begin working on the scissor fob that I have to mail out by the end of the month. The instructions say to use 28-count linen. So I thought alright I'll use 14-count aida instead. So, I cut out the six inch squares and gather my supplies then I begin to stitch. At which time I noticed that the instructions say "stitch over 1 thread". Oooohhhh. So now I have to dig through my stash to find some fabric that is appropriate because the fob is too perfect not to stitch.

Next I will work on my exchanges that go out this month, and the rainbow birds for my mother.

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