Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Favorite Bracelet

I signed up for this GCC through EGA's Cyberstitchers. I thought it would be fun (which it was). I have had the foundation part of the bracelet completed for awhile. I keep freaking myself out about adding the embellishment beads. At first I was confused with all the beads but then I looked at the beads and the supply list to get them straight. Well, today the weather was very bad and I thought, I'll try the bracelet again. I started on it around 2 pm and finished it at midnight. Of course I didn't work the whole time, I had to stop to eat and watch the season finale of Supernatural and Smallville. I am proud of myself. I plan on submitting it for evaluation. This was the first GCC that I have completed (and only the second one I've attempted). Well got to get some sleep.

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Jen said...

Beautiful work, Sharon.