Monday, June 20, 2016

Clean, Clean, Clean

This week I didn't get a lot of stitching done.  I worked really hard but not much to show for it.

Each summer the girls that I stitch with try to take a trip.  In the past, we went to scrapbooking conventions.  We had a great time but we can no longer find any nearby.  Then we went on stitching retreats.  Last year we didn't get into the retreat we normally attends.  So, we decided to have a "Crafter's Camp" (sort of like Girl Scout Camp).  We went to Birmingham for a week and stitched.  Each day one person cooked supper and had a taught a craft to everyone.  This year we were going to go back to Birmingham, but the place where we stayed has closed.  So we are going to Gautier (Go shay), Mississippi instead.  This time each person is Camp Counselor for the day.  They have to provide lunch, supper, snack/dessert, drink, and a craft.  Well I chose to have a Greek theme for my food.  I was looking for a craft when one came in the mail from my Darby Smart DIY box.  Also, I was surfing Floss Tube and came up with an idea for my goody bag that I will give out.  I have been working very hard on making my gift for the goody bags and am half-way through making what I need.  I can't post any pictures since my sisters might look at this and see what they are getting.  We will go to "camp" the last week in July.  I will post pictures of their gifts when I return.

On the other hand,  I have also been trying to organize/clean my house.  During spring break I found the book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo.  I have really enjoyed this book.  It is very practical and useful.  I immediately cleaned my closet using this method and cut my wardrobe in half.  I also cleared out some books, but I can't get rid of books without attempting to read them. I have gotten hung up with getting rid of paper items.  So I have been working in my office trying to clear away the paper.  I have completely filled 2 kitchen garbage bags but I scan them to my computer before I throw them away.  I am trying to overcome my physical hoarding but have become a digital hoarder.  Well at least they don't take up much physical space now.

So this weekend I reorganized my office.  I have a large L-shaped desk that takes up most of the room.  I have decided to get rid of the desk and replace it with a futon.  Right now I have two of the 9 square cube shelving that holds 11-inch boxes in my office.  When I get rid of the desk, I am going to get 2 more.  Then I will have a wall of boxes that contain all of my crafting supplies.  Or at least I hope.  I will post pictures of that when I finish.

Well I'm off to get my brother to fix my AC.  It's 85 degrees in my living room.

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Charlie Parsons said...

Hello ...

I am seeking two patterns:

Raise the Roof
Peter's Cotton Knits
Santa's Clothes

If you are interested in selling yours or know where I can find them I'd so greatly appreciate it!

Thank you
~ Suzanne