Saturday, June 04, 2016

Completed Projects for 2016 So Far

This is Hip Hob by Lizzie Kate.  I started the new year with a new project.  I want to make sure that I complete each project.  So, if it is supposed to be a pillow then I make it a pillow.  I also want to frame as many projects as I can.   I completed this project in 3 days using the materials that came with the kit.  When Easter came around I used it as a decoration.

My parents had their 50th wedding anniversary in March.  So I decided to stitch a wedding sampler for them.  This wedding sampler is in Leisure Arts' Marriage Keepsakes Leaflet.  I have stitched this a couple of times for friends.  Once in a deep purple and in mauve.  This time I use an old gold color on a cream linen for Mom and Dad.  My sister Jennifer framed it and my mother loved it.

I bought this needlepoint owl tablet cover from Hobby Lobby for really cheap.  I used the thread that was provided.  I used the basket weave stitch to do the background while using a regular tent stitch to stitch everything else.  I haven't been able to use it yet.  Every time I put it on my tablet, my nephews remove it and"steal" my tablet to play Minecraft.

I also worked on a project from my mother's WIP's.  It is Welcome Friends from the Welcome Silhouettes leaflet.  At first I thought my mom wanted the pineapple silhouette, but she had already stitched it.  She wanted this one.  It is stitched with DMC Ecru on blue fabric.  I don't think I will be stitching on blue fabric again for a while.  It is hard to see.

Terri's birthday gift

Just for fun

Jacki's birthday gift

Cheri's birthday gift

Last spring break I was waiting on my family to enter the condo for the week.  I was walking around Michael's on the coast and came across some Zentagle materials on the end cap.  They were on sale, so I bought them to try it out.  I have since come to love it.  This year I have given some drawings as gifts to my friends and co-workers.  Everyone has loved the pictures.

Every year since the early 90's the girls of my family exchange homemade Christmas ornaments.  Well this year (the first time in a long time), I didn't finish my ornaments until the new year.  Actually, at the moment I am ahead of schedule.  I decided to Zentangle some wooden ornaments then varnish them for my 2015 ornament.  But, I put 2016 on them and I forgot to take a picture.  So I had to make ornaments for 2015.  So I did the ones above.  I punched circles from Christmas scrapbook paper and pinned them to a Styrofoam ball.  They turned out really cute.  The picture shows two of them but I made 6 of them.  They weren't very hard to do once I got a thimble to push the pins into the ball.  I am very proud of them.

Now, every year I try to set a goal of something to complete.  This year my goals were to complete Mirabillia's Rose of Sharon and to complete all of the clotheslines by Raise the Roof.  I have completed 3 of the 10 that are available.  I completed Turkey Dressing last year, Clean & Green, and Peter's Cotton Knits this year.  I started Sam's Socks, Shorts, and Such yesterday.  I will post a picture later.  I didn't have the Love's Laundry before Valentine's Day or it would also be complete.  I will work on it after I have completed Sam's clothesline.
Turkey Dressing completed in 2015

Peter's Cotton Knits completed May 21, 2016

Clean & Green completed March 19, 2016
Another of my goals is to start posting on a regular basis again.  I plan on posting every Saturday.  So come back next Saturday to see what I have completed.

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