Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Art Journal & Boo Progress


So I wrote in my previous blog that I wanted to start doing things that are not my normal activities.  I said I was going to do an art journal where I got the questions from  Em's blog.  So here is my first attempt.  The question on the back is "What do I wish for this year to bring?".  Well I want to finish period.  I want to finish my degree.  I want to finish all of my WIPs.  I want to actually relax and take a vacation.  And of course, love and marriage. I think I did a good job on my first attempt.  I made my own tassel but the rest are scrapbook cutouts.  I didn't even think about the background paper.  I just liked the colors, then I realized they were stars, wishing stars that is.  I am a week late but I think I will continue this for a little while longer.  Maybe even 51 more weeks.

To continue in this "stepping outside my comfort zone", my sisters and I have signed up at Painting with a Twist.  We have signed up for Rhianna, The Metal Chicken.  I think we are going to have fun.  I will post a picture of my masterpiece (ha ha ha) this weekend.

On a different note,  I have been working on Lizzie Kate's Boo Club.  I have finished fright and brew.  I am in the middle of monster.  I have two more words, ghost and halloween, left to stitch and the border to finish.  I may actually finish this project this month. I think this is turning out pretty.

Monday, I made October, November, and December into magnets.  It took me all day because someone (Leif and Theron) kept wanting my attention.  It is funny that when you are doing absolutely nothing they don't want anything to do with you.  But, the minute you start working on something, they call your name constantly.  Well, any way,  I have completed the Monthly magnets.  Hip Hip Hooray!

Thank you for stopping by my blog.  I have to go to bed.  Work in the morning.


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Jen said...

I love your art journal piece! It is wonderful! Good for you.