Saturday, January 28, 2012

Boo Club Complete

 Well I finally finished the Boo Club by Lizzie Kate.  I started it last year or the year before.  I can't remember now but I finished it.  Whoo hoo!!  I stitched on 28 count linen with DMC floss.  I decided not to cross-stitch the white boxes between the black boxes.  I love it even if I have a few boo boos.

As, for the Quaker Bat.  I have completed one wing and am working on the other.  This is my purse project.  I usually only work on it when I am waiting somewhere but I think I am going to try to finish it in the next week or two.

On another note, I bought this owl fabric fleece last year and made a throw for my couch.  You know the one; where you cut strips in the edges then tie knots in them.  Well I had left overs and my mother made a pillowcase to match.  Then I found the same pattern in cotton fabric.  I asked my sister Bridget to make me a bag.  It's a tulip bag that she and Jennifer took a class.  Well she finished it and gave it to me Monday.  I was so glad because I was about to buy a new purse.  I can never find one with the right amount of depth that opened enough to find things.  I was always emptying my purse just to find what I was looking for.  Well, this bag is perfect.  Just deep enough and the top is wide enough that I can find what I want.  Thank you Bridget for my purse.  I love it.

Well I want to go stitch and watch more of the "Leverage" and "CSI: NY" shows that I have recorded.  Also, Patrick, my nephew, wants the laptop.  So, thanks for dropping by.  I hope you enjoyed the postings.


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