Saturday, January 21, 2012

Painting with a Twist: Rhianna

Hey,  well I just got in from participating at Painting with a Twist.  My sisters, Jennifer & Bridget, and our friends Lisha and Theresa went to eat before at the Mellow Mushroom.  The girls had Lemon drops with their meals.  I, of course, had a taste and when not the DD I will have one of my own.  We met my sister-in-law Mari at the place at 7pm.  We had a great time painting.   I had trouble with my chicken's waddle and his rear end.  My sister Jennifer says that my chicken looks like has a fake comb; and I agree.  I really like the tail  it looks like a lot of feathers.  I am really happy with the rooster and have decided to hang him in my kitchen.  So I need to go buy a frame tomorrow.  Afterwards we went to a wine bar called the Cork in town.  They each got a different martini (well not me or Lisha).  Which were all good.  I've decided that I like the lemon drop and the grasshopper the best.  We've decided that we want to do this again.  I might actually take a painting class next fall at USM through continuing education, just for fun. Well I am off to bed.  Thanks for stopping by.


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Jen said...

Cute! And thanks for being the designated driver last night. You are such a responsible big sister.