Monday, April 24, 2017

Easter Weekend

This was a very busy weekend.  The church had its Youth Activity day.  Our church is a small church.  I am the youth director among other titles.  This year we had rain for our egg hunt.  So while a couple of the mothers hid the eggs in the church.  I read the Easter story to the children that came for the activity.  We let the children hunt for the eggs then had a snack and did a craft.  It was fun for them.

As for my family,  several were very ill and couldn't make it to Mom & Dad's house.  For lunch, my sister-in-law Mari cooked the ham, copper pennies, and gluten-free carrot cake.  My mother made potato salad and a regular yellow cake.  We were going to let the kids hunt for eggs, but..... You guessed it, it rained.  They were off school for Monday.  So, they hunted eggs then instead.

I stitched most of the weekend with a million interruptions.  I finished Stacy Nash's Sisters Three.  I changed the eye color of one of the girls to match my sister Bridget's eyes.  Also, I changed the first row so that all of the letters lined up.  I don't know how I will finish it yet. 

Then I worked on "A Friend's House" by Sisters & Best Friends.  I finished the one hill, the heart, and the road.  I have the second house & hill, the words, and the border left.  It is looking cute.

Monday, I worked on several projects.  I finished one eye on the Curious Owl,  a spool of thread on Tuffet's Cupboard, and several spools of thread on the owls.  I am trying to finish a couple of these projects.  I didn't get a chance to start my new project this month on the 15th but I will this weekend.

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