Wednesday, April 05, 2017

What have I stitched on lately?

A Friend's House
by Sisters & Best Friends
Tuffet's Cupboard
by Just Another Button Company

Well, I haven't done much stitching but here are a few of the things I have been working on this month. On A Friend's House, I have finished the left side house, tree, and hill.  I'm about 45% complete on it.  For Tuffet's Cupboard, I have completed the first pattern and am about 50% complete with the 2nd pattern.  There are 4 patterns total.

Tre civette sul comò
by Madame Chantilly
Sisters Three
by Staci Nash
For the owls, I have completed the owls and am now working on the chest of drawers.  This one has gotten a little boring because of all of the ecru in the chest of drawers.  For the 3 sisters.  I have completed about 40%.  I ran out of the blue thread.  If you look closely the center of the flowers are the wrong color; I pulled the wrong color.  They are suppose to match the apron on the dress.  But the apron color on the dress blends into the fabric.  So I left the centers as they are.  But, that color is also supposed to be the flesh color.  So I think I'm going to change flesh color to DMC 754.  We'll see.

My parents are doing better (Dad had the stroke in February and Mom fractured her pelvis in March).  My brothers and sisters and I are taking turns staying with them.  It's hard on all of us, my parents included, but it is what you do for the people you love.

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