Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sisters, you love 'em even when they aggravate you.

I've been working on Sister Three by Stacy Nash exclusively this week.  I have almost completed it.  Really, I should be finished with it but when I was stitching the leaves along the left side and top, I noticed something was wrong.  Along the top I stitched over one with one stitch that made the rest off for the entire top.  Then I was trying to figure out what else I did wrong when I noticed that I started down one row more than I was supposed to.  So, I ripped out the entire top row.  I am just going to add one more stitch on the left to bring the top up then I will finish it this week.  I only have 17 letters left to stitch and the top row of leaves.  I made some adjustments to the color.  The pattern only called for 3 colors but I am using 5.  One was an oops and the other is the color of my baby sister's eyes.  Other than that I am pretty much following the pattern.

This weekend I will start on my new start for April - World of Color Snapper Series by Bent Creek.  I love Bent Creek Snapper series.  I started with Snapperville.  I have stitched the Summer and Winter Snapper series.  I still want to stitch the Autumn and Spring snapper series.  They are usually quick and easy to do.

Well got to go.  Thanks for stopping by.


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